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Psychoanalytic Practice is a peer reviewed journal that focuses on the application of psychoanalytic ideas in clinical and community work. We invite and encourage submissions with content that is informed by a broad and diverse range of psychoanalytical theories. Papers suitable for Psychoanalytic Practice include but are not limited to traditional psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The journal is open to contemporary psychoanalytical thinking, with or without a practical component. Although this journal is based and published in South Africa, we welcome international submissions as well, from clinicians, researchers and academics. We also invite authors to submit commentaries on and responses to other papers that have been published in Psychoanalytic Practice. We aim to provide authors with prompt feedback from the peer review process, with publication as soon as possible after revisions have been adequately made. Any correspondence, queries or additional requests for information on the Manuscript Submission process should be emailed to the Editor: katherine.bain@wits.ac.za

In 2021, Psychoanalytic Practice replaced the existing professional journal, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in South Africa (PPSA - ISSN 1023-0548), originally established in 1992 by Trevor Lubbe and Tony Hamburger. Back editions of this journal are listed on this site. Psychoanalytic Practice is affiliated to the South African Psychoanalytic Confederation (SAPC). SAPC is the umbrella organisation of various psychoanalytic professional groupings in South Africa. For subscription enquiries and requests, please email the Managing Editor: anaicker@webafrica.org.za. Past editions of PPSA remain available for purchase online or as hard copies if still in stock.

Psychoanalytic Practice Editorial Board Members

Michael Owen (Editor), Wahbie Long, Carol Long, Allengary Naicker (Managing editor), Jenny Perkel, Tony Hamburger, Adrian Perkel, Duncan Cartwright, Sally Swartz, Lisa Saville-Young, Gill Straker, Derek Hook, Kgamadi Kometsi, Dale Moodley

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Allengary Naicker (Managing Editor)
Email: anaicker@webafrica.org.za (for subscription information only)
Email: michael.owen@wits.ac.za (for all other queries)

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PPSA Journal, Allengary Naicker, 18 Alma Rd, Rosebank, 7700, Cape Town, South Africa