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Volume 31


Rather long musings around challenges facing psychoanalytic thinking in South Africa and globally – today in 2023
Jacki Watts

Exploring countertransference in psychoanalytic research: Reflecting on being a researcher, a psychotherapist, a mother and a human being in a neonatal high care unit
Nicole Canin

Language use dynamics as portal into the ‘psychotic organisation’
Aden-Paul Flotman

Book review:

Catastrophic grief, trauma and resilience in child concentration camp survivors - A retrospective view of their Holocaust experiences by Tracey Rori Farber, Gillian Eagle and Cora Smith
Diana Schmukler

Volume 29

Creative contribution:

Getting out
Donald Moss

First commentary on creative contribution:

Getting out: Revisiting the hidden injuries of class
Wahbie Long

Second commentary on creative contribution:

Getting out, remaining stuck
Hugo Canham

The ‘good’ mother and the thriving, surviving baby’s body: A psychosocial analysis
Siobhán Kinahan Sweeney and Lisa Saville Young

Maternal failure: Exploring the theoretical intersections of containment and reflective functioning
Alexa Young and Tanya Graham

Rethinking the fatherhood trilogy: Towards a formulation of the fatherhood constellation
Sarah Berman

Sharpening the senses: White men and otherness in the time of Corona
Thomas Burkhalter

Book review:

Nation on the couch: Inside South Africa’s mind by Wahbie Long
Kgamadi Kometsi

Volume 28

‘How can you say that the very thing that made you should be abolished?’: A teacher’s repetition of childhood trauma of corporal punishment
Simangele Mayisela

Self-hatred disguised in racial hatred of another
Sharon Sibanda

Cancer, persecution and ordeal
Jean Pierre Mambou Nouemssi, Nathalie Dumet and Brigitte Blanquet

Book review:

Intersectionality and relational psychoanalysis: New perspectives on race, gender, and sexuality by Max Belkin and Cleonie White (Eds)
Gillian Eagle

Volume 26

Wendy Cain

Psychotherapy in the age of technology: The ethical challenges of online treatments for South African clinicians
Yael Kadish, Joan Schön, Julie Green, Sheri Hanson and Julia Kuhn

Raids on the inarticulate: A group’s engagement with race
Yvette Esprey, with Hilda Croxford, Pam Durrant, Gillian Eagle, Kgamadi Kometsi, Julia Kuhn, Malose Langa, Itumeleng Mamabolo, Thembi Mashigo, Saudah Masson, Zamo Mbele, Leanne Stillerman and Phethile Zitha

Hide-and-seek with siblings: A theoretical exploration of siblings in psychoanalysis
Claire Hart

Volume 23

Finding a place for working with children in South African communities
David Hadley

Missing in action: Reflections on the employment of the paternal function in therapeutic practice
Nick Davies

Book review:

The Dark Side of the Womb: Pregnancy, Parenting and Persecutory Anxieties, by Joan Raphael-Leff London: Anna Freud Centre, 2015. ISBN 978-0-954-93194-0

Homeless Wanderers: Movement and Mental Illness in the Cape Colony in the Nineteenth Century, by Sally Swartz University of Cape Town Press, 2015. ISBN-10 1775820823 and ISBN-13 978-1775820826

Volume 22

Words, interpretation and setting: Changing forms of the talking cure
Sally Swartz

Training of psychoanalytic psychotherapy in contemporary South Africa: Theoretical dilemmas, clinical debates and diverse contexts
Cora Smith


Some considerations of the role of food in community work
Trevor Lubbe

Psychoanalysis and primary health care
Astrid Berg

Couple work in South Africa: A historical overview from Cape Town
Andrea Hill and Adrian Perkel

Trauma, reconciliation, embodiment: An account of the 9th and 10th SAPI conferences [Franschhoek, February, 2013; February 2014]
Joan Raphael-Leff

Book Review:

Race, Memory and the Apartheid Archive|: Towards a Psychosocial Praxis edited by Garth Stevens, Norman Duncan and Derek Hook
Allengary Naicker

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in South Africa: Contexts, Theories and Application edited by Cora Smith, Glenys Lobban and Michael O'Loughlin - Lou-Marié Kruger

Volume 20

‘Vrot kolletjies’: Shame, silence and enactment in psychotherapy with impoverished clients
Lou-Marié Kruger (University of Stellenbosch)

Thinking about contextual deprivation in mother-infant work in South Africa
Katharine Frost (Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust) / Melanie Esterhuizen (Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust) / Katherine Bain (University of the Witwatersrand) / Linda Rosenbaum (Private Practice)

Reflections on psychoanalytic writing
Carol Long

Volume 20

The development of psychoanalytic understandings of male homosexuality: Moving beyond pathology
Gareth Mitchell (University of the Witwatersrand)

‘The mothers have mercy for me’: Change in parent-infant relationships through group psychotherapy
Katherine Bain (University of the Witwatersrand) /  Linda Rosenbaum (Private Practice) / Katharine Frost (Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust) / Melanie Esterhuizen (Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust)

‘My baby cries for nothing’: Mentalisation challenges in the face of negative countertransference when working with mothers who struggle to hold their babies in mind

Linda Rosenbaum (Private Practice) / Katherine Bain (University of the Witwatersrand) / Melanie Esterhuizen (Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust) / Katharine Frost (Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust)

Volume 18

The launch of the South African Psychoanalytic Confederation: A witness report
Elda Storck

The establishment of an accredited psychoanalytic training institute in South Africa
Mark Solms

Writing for special needs: The importance of the real relationship
Thomas Burkhalter

Reflections on society as borderline mother
Karen Gubb

A self psychology perspective on the formulation and treatment of psychopathology in children with foetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Mariska Pienaar and Christopher D. Molteno

Book Review - Growing old: A journey of self-discovery, Danielle Quinodoz, translated by David Alcorn. London and New York: Routledge, 2010
Julie Green (Johannesburg)

Book Review - Relational trauma in infancy: Psychoanalytic, attachment and neuropsychological contributions to parent-infant psychotherapy, T. Baradon (Ed.). London & New York: Routledge, 2010.
Dean Kilian (Johannesburg)

Volume 18

Exploring Positive Countertransference in Psychotherapy with Psychotic Patients
Patrick Connolly (University of the Witwatersrand) / Wendy Cain (University of the Witwatersrand)

The Sense of Bodily Symptoms
Karen Gubb (University of the Witwatersrand)

Healthy Maternal Ambivalence
Joan Raphael-Leff

Forum: Commentary on ‘Writing for Special Needs: The Importance of the Real Relationship’ by Thomas Burkhalter
Valerie Sinason (Clinic for Dissociative Studies, London)

Forum: Inspiring Psychoanalytic Writing Apprehending Donald Meltzer Neil Maizels

Book Review - The Adolescent Storm: A Handbook for Parents, Meg Fargher and Helen Dooley. Johannesburg: Penguin, 2010. ISBN 978-0-1430-2492-7.
Carol Long (University of the Witwatersrand)

Book Review - Elements of Counselling: A Handbook for Counsellors in Southern Africa (revised edition), Joan Schön, Lauren Gower and Victor Kotze. Westhoven: Sophiatown Community Psychological Services, 2010. ISBN 978-0-620-46606-6.
Esther Price (University of the Witwatersrand)

Book Review - Containing States of Mind: Exploring Bion’s ‘Container Model’ in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, by Duncan Cartwright. London and New York: Routledge, 2010. ISBN 978-1-58391-879-1.
Gavin Ivey (University of the Witwatersrand)